A full product trial of ThruPut Manager is available to companies who wish to evaluate the capabilities of ThruPut Manager in their z/OS environments. In addition, we also provide the 'QUICKSTART Program' which enables the trial to quickly realize the benefits of ThruPut Manager.

General Product Trial

The ThruPut Manager Product Trial is available for both the Standard Edition and the Automation Edition. Customer Support is available throughout the trial but the installation, implementation and customization of the trial is handled by the customer.

QuickStart Trial Program

The QuickStart program is available to help product evaluators begin a successful ThruPut Manager trial as quickly as possible. We know our customers invest a good deal of effort in planning, conducting and evaluating a product like ThruPut Manager and understand that the best way to prove its capabilities is to deal with the real challenges they face.

Before the QuickStart begins, ThruPut Manager Product Specialists consult the customer to help define the trial objectives and prepare for the implementation. Then a ThruPut Manager expert visits the customer site for a one-and-a-half to two-day session, to guide the customer staff through a startup implementation of ThruPut Manager designed to meet the initial trial objectives. Once this is achieved, customer staff can build on the implementation to complete the trial.

For additional information regarding our Customer Services, contact us at ProductInfo@mvssol.com.