José Danobeitia

Founder | Visionary | Architect

After serving as vice-president of a service bureau for many years, José Danobeitia founded MVS Solutions in 1987 to extend the design of z/OS JES2 batch service as delivered by IBM.

ThruPut Manager AE (Automation Edition), the realization of José's initial vision, was delivered in 2007. He has emerged as one of the leading practitioners in the design and future of batch. With his passing in 2011, MVS Solutions remains committed to providing innovative solutions and quality support for z/OS batch automation, as he would have wished.

Jose Danobeitia

"I often wondered why batch was such an ungainly service to manage. I realized it wasn't the support people, nor demanding customers, nor the service from IBM reps, but fundamental design flaws in the way z/OS batch works.

ThruPut Manager is designed to make sense to a datacenter manager, to reduce the reliance on technical heroes, and to be more responsive to client needs. I invite you to experience the millions in datacenter savings and many other benefits which this strategic management solution brings. It will make an impact on how you view and manage your batch service."