The following technical bulletins highlight important fixes for issues with a high severity. They are only a subset of fixes that may be available for your ThruPut Manager level. Please check the Knowledge/Problem Lookup section for a complete list of available fixes for your product level.

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May 17, 2017 (revised May 29, 2017)

customers only icon TM170517

ThruPut Manager PTF TMT7106 and above - all Editions: Possible JES2 abends S0C4 / S0C1 when an $ACTIVATE to Z22 mode is issued or reverted back to Z11 mode

October 07, 2016

customers only icon TM161007

ThruPut Manager PTF TMT7106 and above- all Editions: TM issues when using z/OS 2.2 Level=z22; both $ACTIVATE & Cold Start

August 17, 2016

customers only icon TM160817

TM - all Versions/Editions: Jobs not selected for execution after IBM JES2 PTF maintenance UA82284 / UA82285 / UA82286.

August 15, 2016

customers only icon TM160815

TM - all Editions V7 TMT7105+: Possible Wait State During z/OS 2.2 IPL

July 06, 2016

customers only icon TM160706

TM AE & TM AE+ Version 7: Increased CPU usage in the JES2 address space may occur for TM AE / AE+ customers.

April 08, 2016

customers only icon TM160408

TM - all Editions V7 TMT7106+: z/OS 2.2: SLM won't select jobs following apply of IBM PTF UA79325.

February 24, 2016 (Revised 02/26/16)

customers only icon TM160224

TM - all Editions: Possible JES2 S0C4/S0C1 Abends

February 22, 2016

customers only icon TM160222

TM V7 - all Editions: Possible $HASP720 - Warm Start Denied abend when $ACTIVATE,LEVEL=Z22 site returns to LEVEL=z11

February 23, 2015

customers only icon TM150223

TM V7 - all Editions: Two possible JES2 S0C4 Catastrophic Abends

October 29, 2014

customers only icon TM141029

z/OS 2.1: JES2 Catastrophic Abend $Q12

May 05, 2014 (revised June 21, 2016)

customers only icon TM140505

TM V6 to V7 Conversion Considerations

March 17, 2014 (revised May, 2015)

customers only icon TM140317

z/OS 2.1 and ThruPut Manager Planning - Critical Fixes

September 30, 2013(revised November 10, 2014)

customers only icon TM130930

TM and z/OS 2.1 Requirements

October 18, 2012

customers only icon TM121018

Addresses issue with TM RESOURCEHOLD (RHOLD) for TM V6R2.0 SE - PTF TMT6216 and above.

July 13, 2012

customers only icon TM120713

Addresses situation where a job is “stuck” in TM Job Analyzer on z/OS 1.13 LPARs

May 09, 2012

customers only icon TM120509

Addresses a compatibility issues with TM V6 R2.0 and BMC Mainview Batch Optimizer.

April 24, 2012

customers only icon TM120424 (Revised 07/20/12)

Addresses a compatibility issue with TM V6 R2.0 AE - PTF TMT6216 and below and z/OS 1.13.

April 13, 2011

customers only icon TM110413

Identifies an issue with TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6213 using NJE job transmission.

April 08, 2011

customers only icon TM110408

Addresses a compatibility issue between TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6213 and lower TM levels.

April 14, 2010

customers only icon TM100414

TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6206 - TMT6208. ECSA Memory Leak and Correcting APAR TR62128 is In-Error and may trigger abends in JES2.

March 08, 2010

customers only icon TM100308 (Revised 03/11/10)

TM/DCS compatibility issue for TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6206 - TMT6208.

March 02, 2010

customers only icon TM100302

TM Version 6 . JES2 BERTNUM Reminder

November 18, 2009

customers only icon TM091118

Identifies TM Version 6 and JES2 BERTNUM Considerations

October 01, 2009

customers only icon TM091001

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119+ / PTF TMT6201 - TMT6205 . TM/SLM issue for non SLM managed jobs.

August 26, 2009

customers only icon TM090826

TM V6 - PTF TMT6120+ / PTF TMT6201+ . TM and Sun STK V6R2 compatibililty errors.

May 11,2009

customers only icon TM090511

TM V6R2 - PTF TMT6201 - TMT6204. After TM V6R2 is implemented, CA-7 Installation Exits 2, 17 or 20 may not function correctly.

December 07, 2008

customers only icon TM081207

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119/TMT6120/TMT6201/TMT6202. JTS job runs immediately even though job displays as held.

November 26, 2008

customers only icon TM081126

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119/TMT6120. Duplicate Jobs running together if all systems at z/OS 1.8 and above.

October 30, 2008

customers only icon TM081030

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119 and above. Step delays when using relative GDG's.

June 04, 2008

customers only icon TM080604 (Revised 12/05/08)

TM V6 - PTF TMT6118 and above. z/OS 1.9 incompatibility issues with TM.

April 11, 2008

customers only icon TM080411

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119. JBS jobs may run on the wrong system and SMF records may be missing.

February 11, 2008

customers only icon TM080214 (Revised 12/05/08)

TM V6 - JES2 Dynamic Exit Support Considerations - IBM APARs OA21346 & OA23561

February 13, 2008

customers only icon TM080213

Compatibility issue for TM V6 R1.2 with IBM APAR OA22474 - PTF UA38659/UA38660

October 17, 2007

customers only icon TM071017

TM V6 - PTF TMT6118. Possible unpredictable results in Job Analysis.

July 04, 2007

customers only icon TM070704

TM V6 - PTF TMT6116. TM stc no longer responds to commands after JAL REFRESH issued.

July 03, 2007

customers only icon TM070703

TM V6 - PTF TMT6116. Jobs fail Analysis with erroroneous "INSTALLATION EXIT" text in messages DTM1455I & DTM1461I.

June 19, 2007

customers only icon TM070619

TM V6 - PTF TMT6116. Abend S0C1 in JES2 initialization when lower than z/OS 1.7.

May 15, 2007

customers only icon TM070515

TM V6 - PTF TMT6108 - TMT6115. Possible Abend S0C4 in JES2 (DTMJ2MV6).

March 01, 2007

customers only icon TM070301

Addresses StorageTek HSC Implementation Considerations

March 01, 2007

customers only icon TM070305

TM V6 - PTF TMT6112. After TMT6112, an Abend S0C1 is possible.

March 01, 2006

customers only icon TM070301

StorageTek HSC Implementation Considerations

September 11, 2006

customers only icon TM060911

TM V6 - PTF TMT6112. After TMT6112, job selection for execution is unpredictable

May 04, 2006

customers only icon TM060504 (Revised 05/25/06)

ThruPut Manager V6R1.1 Compatibility with IBM z/OS 1.7 Apar OA14754

March 14, 2006

customers only icon TM060314

ThruPut Manager Version 6 Technical Issues. 1) TM V6 R1 Compatibility Issue 2) Control File Conversion Issue 3) CA-7 R11 Issue

February 02, 2006

customers only icon TM060202

Technical Summary for TM V6 Standard (SE) / Automation (AE) Editions.

December 22, 2005

customers only icon TM051222 (Revised 10/17/07)

TM V6 - all levels. JECL statement Incompatibility between TM V6R1.1 and lower TM levels.

March 02, 2005

customers only icon TM050302 (Revised 02/21/06)

TM V6 - all levels - Control File Considerations.

February 03, 2005

customers only icon TM050203 (Revised 10/17/07)

TM V6 R1.0 - all levels, running on JES2 z/OS 1.2 and above. Jobs hang in analysis with IBM PTF UA16193 / UA16194 / UA16195.

November 01, 2004

customers only icon TM041101 (Revised 02/16/06)

TM V6 R1.0 Migration Considerations

June 02, 2003

customers only icon TM030602 (Revised 10/17/07)

TM and $ACTIVATE LEVEL=Z2 Considerations.
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