The following technical bulletins highlight important fixes for issues with a high severity. They are only a subset of fixes that may be available for your ThruPut Manager level. Please check the Knowledge/Problem Lookup section for a complete list of available fixes for your product level.

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October 07, 2016

customers only icon TM161007

ThruPut Manager PTF TMT7106 and above- all Editions: TM issues when using z/OS 2.2 Level=z22; both $ACTIVATE & Cold Start

August 17, 2016

customers only icon TM160817

TM - all Versions/Editions: Jobs not selected for execution after IBM JES2 PTF maintenance UA82284 / UA82285 / UA82286.

August 15, 2016

customers only icon TM160815

TM - all Editions V7 TMT7105+: Possible Wait State During z/OS 2.2 IPL

July 06, 2016

customers only icon TM160706

TM AE & TM AE+ Version 7: Increased CPU usage in the JES2 address space may occur for TM AE / AE+ customers.

April 08, 2016

customers only icon TM160408

TM - all Editions V7 TMT7106+: z/OS 2.2: SLM won't select jobs following apply of IBM PTF UA79325.

February 24, 2016 (Revised 02/26/16)

customers only icon TM160224

TM - all Editions: Possible JES2 S0C4/S0C1 Abends

February 22, 2016

customers only icon TM160222

TM V7 - all Editions: Possible $HASP720 - Warm Start Denied abend when $ACTIVATE,LEVEL=Z22 site returns to LEVEL=z11

February 23, 2015

customers only icon TM150223

TM V7 - all Editions: Two possible JES2 S0C4 Catastrophic Abends

October 29, 2014

customers only icon TM141029

z/OS 2.1: JES2 Catastrophic Abend $Q12

May 05, 2014 (revised June 21, 2016)

customers only icon TM140505

TM V6 to V7 Conversion Considerations

March 17, 2014 (revised May, 2015)

customers only icon TM140317

z/OS 2.1 and ThruPut Manager Planning - Critical Fixes

November 04, 2013

customers only icon TM131104

Abend S0C4’s are possible at JES2 startup - PTF TMT6219/TMT6220 (all editions)

October 29, 2013

customers only icon TM131029

Storage Overlay after entering TM CLASS SET/ADD/DELETE command - PTF TMT6219/TMT6220 (all editions)

September 30, 2013(revised November 10, 2014)

customers only icon TM130930

TM and z/OS 2.1 Requirements

September 6, 2013

customers only icon TM130906

TM V6R2.0 After TMT6218 JES2 S0C4 Abend in DTMJ2MV6 during NJE job transmission

August 02, 2013

customers only icon TM130802

TM V6R2.0 After IBM APAR OA40963 WLM Report Class Incorrect for some batch jobs

June 01, 2013

customers only icon TM130601

TM V6R2.0 (SAC) Software Access Control may fail or loop

May 15, 2013

customers only icon TM130515

TM V6R2.0 AE & AE+ Abend S0C4 in module DTMSMIX6 csect WLRstSCl

October 18, 2012

customers only icon TM121018

Addresses issue with TM RESOURCEHOLD (RHOLD) for TM V6R2.0 SE - PTF TMT6216 and above.

July 13, 2012

customers only icon TM120713

Addresses situation where a job is “stuck” in TM Job Analyzer on z/OS 1.13 LPARs

May 09, 2012

customers only icon TM120509

Addresses a compatibility issues with TM V6 R2.0 and BMC Mainview Batch Optimizer.

April 24, 2012

customers only icon TM120424 (Revised 07/20/12)

Addresses a compatibility issue with TM V6 R2.0 AE - PTF TMT6216 and below and z/OS 1.13.

April 13, 2011

customers only icon TM110413

Identifies an issue with TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6213 using NJE job transmission.

April 08, 2011

customers only icon TM110408

Addresses a compatibility issue between TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6213 and lower TM levels.

April 14, 2010

customers only icon TM100414

TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6206 - TMT6208. ECSA Memory Leak and Correcting APAR TR62128 is In-Error and may trigger abends in JES2.

March 08, 2010

customers only icon TM100308 (Revised 03/11/10)

TM/DCS compatibility issue for TM V6 R2.0 PTF TMT6206 - TMT6208.

March 02, 2010

customers only icon TM100302

TM Version 6 . JES2 BERTNUM Reminder

November 18, 2009

customers only icon TM091118

Identifies TM Version 6 and JES2 BERTNUM Considerations

October 01, 2009

customers only icon TM091001

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119+ / PTF TMT6201 - TMT6205 . TM/SLM issue for non SLM managed jobs.

August 26, 2009

customers only icon TM090826

TM V6 - PTF TMT6120+ / PTF TMT6201+ . TM and Sun STK V6R2 compatibililty errors.

May 11,2009

customers only icon TM090511

TM V6R2 - PTF TMT6201 - TMT6204. After TM V6R2 is implemented, CA-7 Installation Exits 2, 17 or 20 may not function correctly.

December 07, 2008

customers only icon TM081207

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119/TMT6120/TMT6201/TMT6202. JTS job runs immediately even though job displays as held.

November 26, 2008

customers only icon TM081126

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119/TMT6120. Duplicate Jobs running together if all systems at z/OS 1.8 and above.

October 30, 2008

customers only icon TM081030

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119 and above. Step delays when using relative GDG's.

June 04, 2008

customers only icon TM080604 (Revised 12/05/08)

TM V6 - PTF TMT6118 and above. z/OS 1.9 incompatibility issues with TM.

April 11, 2008

customers only icon TM080411

TM V6 - PTF TMT6119. JBS jobs may run on the wrong system and SMF records may be missing.

February 11, 2008

customers only icon TM080214 (Revised 12/05/08)

TM V6 - JES2 Dynamic Exit Support Considerations - IBM APARs OA21346 & OA23561

February 13, 2008

customers only icon TM080213

Compatibility issue for TM V6 R1.2 with IBM APAR OA22474 - PTF UA38659/UA38660

October 17, 2007

customers only icon TM071017

TM V6 - PTF TMT6118. Possible unpredictable results in Job Analysis.

July 04, 2007

customers only icon TM070704

TM V6 - PTF TMT6116. TM stc no longer responds to commands after JAL REFRESH issued.

July 03, 2007

customers only icon TM070703

TM V6 - PTF TMT6116. Jobs fail Analysis with erroroneous "INSTALLATION EXIT" text in messages DTM1455I & DTM1461I.

June 19, 2007

customers only icon TM070619

TM V6 - PTF TMT6116. Abend S0C1 in JES2 initialization when lower than z/OS 1.7.

May 15, 2007

customers only icon TM070515

TM V6 - PTF TMT6108 - TMT6115. Possible Abend S0C4 in JES2 (DTMJ2MV6).

March 01, 2007

customers only icon TM070301

Addresses StorageTek HSC Implementation Considerations

March 01, 2007

customers only icon TM070305

TM V6 - PTF TMT6112. After TMT6112, an Abend S0C1 is possible.

March 01, 2006

customers only icon TM070301

StorageTek HSC Implementation Considerations

September 11, 2006

customers only icon TM060911

TM V6 - PTF TMT6112. After TMT6112, job selection for execution is unpredictable

May 04, 2006

customers only icon TM060504 (Revised 05/25/06)

ThruPut Manager V6R1.1 Compatibility with IBM z/OS 1.7 Apar OA14754

March 14, 2006

customers only icon TM060314

ThruPut Manager Version 6 Technical Issues. 1) TM V6 R1 Compatibility Issue 2) Control File Conversion Issue 3) CA-7 R11 Issue

February 02, 2006

customers only icon TM060202

Technical Summary for TM V6 Standard (SE) / Automation (AE) Editions.

December 22, 2005

customers only icon TM051222 (Revised 10/17/07)

TM V6 - all levels. JECL statement Incompatibility between TM V6R1.1 and lower TM levels.

March 02, 2005

customers only icon TM050302 (Revised 02/21/06)

TM V6 - all levels - Control File Considerations.

February 03, 2005

customers only icon TM050203 (Revised 10/17/07)

TM V6 R1.0 - all levels, running on JES2 z/OS 1.2 and above. Jobs hang in analysis with IBM PTF UA16193 / UA16194 / UA16195.

November 01, 2004

customers only icon TM041101 (Revised 02/16/06)

TM V6 R1.0 Migration Considerations

June 02, 2003

customers only icon TM030602 (Revised 10/17/07)

TM and $ACTIVATE LEVEL=Z2 Considerations.
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