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Top Most Frequently Asked Questions

T01 - Does ThruPut Manager make use of licencing keys or passwords?

ThruPut Manager does not use either keys or passwords to validate the licence of any of it's products.

T02 - How to determine which ThruPut Manager Edition or Level is installed?

The ThruPut Manager Edition and Level can be determined by issuing the TM command /TM D Level. The command output in MSG DTM6563I identifies components which indicates the edition. The following components correspond to the edition

  • AE - Automation Edition (TM AE)
  • AE and PCS - Automation Edition plus PCS (TM AE+)
  • Any other components - Standard Edition (TM SE)

The ThruPut Manager Version / Release / PTF Level is found in the line ...

TM V7R1.0 AT PTF TMT7106, z/OS R2.1.0, JES2 z/OS2.1 

T03 - When downloading ThruPut Manager, what are the available installation formats?

ThruPut Manager is available in two installation formats...

  1. TM/Quikload Upgrade - This installation format is available to new customers or existing customers who wish to refresh the Thruput Manager product and it's corresponding SMPE/e environment. This method provides a completely SMP/E installed ThruPut Manager product, tailored for the licensed edition, including licenced Optional Components, current accumulative maintenance and APARs.

    It is downloaded and customized with 5 simple jobs and provides the corresponding self-contained SMP/E environment needed for future maintenance. This SMP/E environment can remain a standalone environment (usually for a first-time install) or be merged into an existing SMP/E environment (for special site requirements or accumulative maintenance).

  2. SMP/e Upgrade - This installation format is available for current customers upgrading to an exisiting TM SMP/E environment. The required SMP/E upgrade datasets are delivered and must be installed by the client using standard SMP/e RECEIVE and APPLY.

T04 - Is ThruPut Manager affected by a system clock time change, for example, day light savings?

There are "no" TM fixes or apars required. However, after a change has been made to the system clock (usually as a result of going to/from Daylight Savings) the JBS display commands will incorrectly show the time the LAST ACTION had occurred. The time will be out by the amount the clock was adjusted. Restart the TM STC to correct any time issues.

The problem only affects the display output so JBS will continue to function normally if the TM started task is not recycled.

T05 - What is the Checksum Facility?


From time to time, the ThruPut Manager Support Group needs to fix a problem or provide a custom enhancement outside of a standard maintenance release. Some of these fixes are delivered using the SMP/E ++APAR format, which involves ++ZAP AMASPZAP control statements. To verify the integrity of an APAR, use the ISPF EDIT macro $CHKSUM prior to installation:

  1. Copy the ISPF EDIT macro $CHKSUM from the INSTALL library on the distribution materials to your own CLIST library. Note that a ThruPut Manager install does not copy this macro for you.
  2. Use ISPF EDIT to enter the control statements, then invoke the $CHKSUM macro. This macro performs the same calculation done by AMASPZAP for every ++ZAP statement encountered.
  3. Verify that the CHECKSUM value calculated by $CHKSUM matches the value coded on the ++ZAP control statement.

Note: this facility allows you to verify the CHECKSUM without actually applying the fix.

T06 - Are the ThruPut Manager "DTM" messages available with QuickRef?

ThruPut Manager messages are available through QuickRef.

To view the "DTM" messages, select option "R" or "L" from the QuickRef Main Menu, then key in "MVS Solutions" in the "Vendor" category.

T07 - What are the TM source stubs?

ThruPut Manager is dependent upon (but does not alter) JES2 macros and services. Two source stubs, DTMJ2MVn and DTMJ2SVn, must be assembled with the level of JES2 source that is executing on the system where ThruPut Manager is to be installed. These source stubs are automatically assembled when ThruPut Manager is installed, but to keep them synchronized with JES2 maintenance, they must be reassembled each time JES2 maintenance is applied to macros that ThruPut Manager requires. A dummy USERMOD has been provided which can be applied to perform the assembly and link function. Please see the Installation Guide - Appendix B: Synchronize JES2 and TM for more details.

T08 - Where can the documentation on newer features or JAL/DAL descriptors be found?

New functionality will be announced at a PTF-Level via our Release Details document with the corresponding documentation included in the ThruPut Manager manual set which can be accessed from the "Download Central" section of the Support Center. Additional supplements and installation materials can also be found here.

A "Changes to this Edition" section is available at the front of each manual and the "Release Details" document keeps an accumulative reference of the changes and additions.

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