ThruPut Manager is reliant on specific z/OS levels. For a successful implementation, be sure to verify the minimum ThruPut Manager compatibility level that provides support for each z/OS release level.

ThruPut Manager

z/OS Level TM V6 R2 TM V7 R1 Additional Information
z/OS 2.2 not supported TMT7106 Please refer to TM130930 for z/OS 2.n requirements
z/OS 2.1
Please refer to TM130930 for z/OS 2.n requirements
(TM V6 withdrawn 2016/09)
z/OS 1.13
TMT7101 For AE/AE+ customers, please refer to TM120424.
(TM V6 withdrawn 2016/09)
z/OS 1.12 TMT6209
not supported (withdrawn 2015/09)
z/OS 1.11 withdrawn N/A (withdrawn 2012/09) )
z/OS 1.10 withdrawn N/A (withdrawn 2011/09)
z/OS 1.9 withdrawn N/A (withdrawn 2010/09)
z/OS 1.8 withdrawn N/A (withdrawn 2009/09)
z/OS 1.7 withdrawn N/A (withdrawn 2008/09)

Note 1: ThruPut Manager Release Level availability is directly connected to the IBM operating system support calendar. For specific information regarding Product availability, see Product Withdrawal/End of Service Chart.

Note 2: ThruPut Manager Releases are downward compatible with lower level IBM operating system releases unless specifically noted.

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